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Give us a call 877-843-5559

GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT Shafts (1/2dz)

by Victory
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Original price $0.00
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If you desire arrows cut to length, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see how we measure.
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GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows by Victory Archery - Thin Diameter Tapered carbon arrows!

Grizzly Stik teamed up with Victory Archery with one goal - to make the best arrows for bowhunting they possibly could.

These arrows had to incorporate all of our (GrizzlyStik's) required elements as well as those suggested by Victory Archery.

Grizzly Stik's best arrows ever!

Thin diameter - thick walled - full length tapered arrows: The ultimate in; strength, accuracy, penetration, and trajectory.

  • Super Strong Woven Carbon - For unsurpassed structural integrity
  • A continuous .001"/inch taper from tip to tail - For built in FOC, Weight forward, Strength forward, and Spine Forward benefits
  • Tapered externally and parallel internally - Allows spine control & tuning by cutting from point or nock end
  • Thin diameter - thick walled, built on the .204" platform - For increased penetration performance and universal component compatibility
  • As light as possible - for total arrow weight versatility & control, and to optimize FOC
  • Include a tough in-outsert - To shore up the front of the arrow for hard bone-splitting hits
  • Built to precise tolerances - Making tuning, accuracy, consistency, and bow set-up a breeze
  • Include the Victory slick ICE coating - For better penetration on big game, and to minimize sticking in targets
  • Provide the highest FOC (Forward Of Center) Potential of any other arrow - Approx. 5% FOC even with no nock or insert!



(full length)



OD Nock

OD Tip


.170 459 32" .204'' .312" .280" .003" (G3)
.006" (G6)
.240 357 32" .204'' .293" .262"
.320 323 32" .204'' .288" .256"
.400 273 32" .204'' .275" .252"


Field Point Cheat Sheet
Fraction 11/32 5/16 19/64 9/32 17/64
Decimal .34375'' .31250'' .29688'' .28125'' .26563''

How We Measure Arrows

For consistency, we measure from valley of nock to back of point with factory components.

If you are measuring another way, please make sure to tell us. We are not responsible for arrows that are correctly cut as-ordered.

The two arrows below have the same carbon-to-carbon measurement, but they will be cut differently depending on the length we are given.

There are all sorts of ways to miscommunicate about arrow length. Some people refer to a carbon-to-carbon measurement (no nock and no insert). Some measure including the entire nock and no insert, or the entire insert with no nock, and sometimes an outsert is not considered when measuring carbon-to-carbon.

Here are three examples of the same carbon-to-carbon arrows measured in different ways. If you give us these measurements, your arrows will not arrive the way you desire.