Uukha SX+ ILF Recurve Limbs

Uukha SX+ ILF Recurve Limbs

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Uukha's best limb so far, raising the bar for speed, smoothness and accuracy.

Sx+ with 100 % carbon offers the best speed, stability and smoothness that Uukha has ever been able to offer.

This is the best choice for archers seeking the ultimate limb for accuracy, speed, smoothness and arrow grouping, as well as shooting pleasure.


The S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed and Stability) combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.

• Compared to previous Uukha limbs, the beginning of the draw has the same easy feel as the Curve profile.
• The end of the draw is as progressively smooth as in the Xcurve profile.
• Stored energy remains high, and speed is improved thanks to the limb’s overall design and construction.

A screwless design has enabled us to reduce the maximum thickness and mass weight.
NOTE: Uukha Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs.