Spyderco 1/4" Round Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Spyderco 1/4" Round Ceramic Sharpening Rod

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This is a super high quality Ceramic Sharpening Rod.  At only a half ounce weight, this rod is an excellent choice to throw in your backpack to touch up broadheads or knives on a hunt.

Spyderco’s ceramic files are specifically designed for sharpening small, detailed tools like woodcarving tools, gouges, and dental devices. They are also used by gunsmiths for trigger jobs, deburring, and detail finishing. This round file is ideal for sharpening gouges and woodcarving tools with concave edges. Easily cleaned with household cleanser, a scouring pad, and water. 

1/4" Diameter, 5" Long, .5 OZ

Made in the USA