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Give us a call 877-843-5559

Razor Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Wheel Set

Original price $63.75 - Original price $63.75
Original price
$63.75 - $63.75
Current price $63.75

The Razor Sharp Edgemaking Broadhead Sharpening System consists of two compressed paper wheels that will fit on any buffer or bench grinder. One wheel is coated with 180 grit Silicon Carbide and is used to develop a burr or wire-edge along the cutting edge. The included Conditioning Wax  (a special formula of fats, oils and waxes) is applied to the grit wheel to lubricate and control heat. The second wheel with the help of a stick of jeweler's rouge (not included), is used to remove burrs and polish the cutting edge.

*This system is custom built for RMSGear and specially designed for 3 blade broadheads.

-System must be mounted to a 6" Bench Grinder or Buffer with 1/2" or 5/8" Arbor Hole