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Razor Sharp 180 Grit Silicon Carbide Resurfacing Powder

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Original price $9.99
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This lidded jar contains approximately 2oz of 180 Grit Silicon Carbide Powder used for re-surfacing gritted sharpening wheels.  There is enough Grit in the kit to recoat the wheel 20 to 25 times, and you should be able to sharpen a couple hundred broadheads / knives before recoating is necessary.

Instructions For Reconditioning Grit wheel:

Use real coarse sand paper (about 36 grit) and clean all the grit off, down to the bare paper. Use 60 grit to true the wheel (it might be a little “out of round”), square off the corners and get it nice and smooth. Turn off the motor, but do not remove the wheels. If you do you may have to eliminate some wobble when you put it back on. Hand turn the wheel and put a thin bead of Elmer’s white glue on the face of the wheel, then spread it with your finger until there is a thin layer. Next, put some newspaper under the wheel to catch the excess grit, hand turn as you sprinkle the black Silicon Carbide powder on top of the glue. Go around 2 or 3 times until it looks good and no more will stick. Sometimes the powder will soak through the glue and you’ll need to sprinkle on a little more. When you are happy with your coating job, pour the excess back into the container and replace the lid. Do not touch the wheel until it dries, preferably overnight, then it’s ready to go again!