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Give us a call 877-843-5559

Prime RVX 32

Original price $1,299.00 - Original price $1,299.00
Original price $1,299.00
$1,299.00 - $1,299.00
Current price $1,299.00

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Prime RVX 32

  • Cam System - Core Cam
  • Axle-to-Axle - 32"
  • Brace Height - 6.25"
  • Draw Length - 26-30"
  • IBO Speed - 340 fps
  • Draw Weight - 40-80lbs
  • Letoff - Up to 85%
  • Total Weight - 4.4lbs



The Prime RVX, REVEX and RONAN models feature the CORE™ Cam system. As the smoothest cam Prime has ever developed, this system gives the archer a shooting experience unlike any other bow. The CORE™ Cam is the only system on the market that actively works to reduce cam lean. Prime’s cam balancing technology brings the strings and cables in line with each other making the cam perfectly balanced throughout the entire draw cycle. The CORE™ cam system also features draw length-specific mods that allows the RVX, REVEX and RONAN to reach maximum efficiency at every draw length.


You don’t need to add extra modifications to your bow for maximum tunability. Our Quik Tune™ Technology allows for the cam to be shifted left or right very precisely and rigidly without extra weight or complexity in an easy, straight-forward way without needing to pull the axle. Available on the RVX, REVEX and RONAN models.