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Give us a call 877-843-5559

Peak to Peak ILF Riser

by RMSGear
Original price $575.00 - Original price $575.00
Original price $575.00
$575.00 - $575.00
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P2P ILF Riser Information

We are pleased to offer a classic looking, traditional feeling, ILF riser. Available in both 17" and 19", and left or right handed. Stock risers come with walnut or bocote (price on request available for various other woods).

We asked South at Stalker Stickbows if he would build us an ILF riser to our specs. Put a riser in your hands that has the traditional feel, the traditional look, the beauty of wood grain, and the character imparted by a human bowyer's hand.

Inventory is constantly changing. If we don't have the exact riser you want on-hand, delivery times range from 3-6 weeks. Please call to inquire about inventory on-hand, or scroll down to see them.


  • Total Weight:
    • 19" - 2lbs 13oz
    • 17" - 2lbs 6oz
  • Shelf: 3/16" Past Center

We love our metal ILF risers, but there is one problem - metal risers have no soul. We've all been there, you're sitting in your stand or climbing up that mountain, the sun is just about to peak over the horizon, you take a deep breath and close your eyes, you're thanking the good Lord for the breath he's given you, but then you feel the cold, dead metal in your hands and realize that your fingers are cold. You don't have to live this way!

Named after the famed mountain highway in Colorado that brings you to the birthplace of these risers. The G10 I-beam gives it a classic traditional look and stable heft, and the wood gives it that nice warm feel. Not to mention the grip which has been custom tailored by Tom Clum Sr and South Cox to give you that perfect, accurate hand placement every time. 

When does the soul enter a bow? Is it trasmitted in the growth of a tree? Is it imparted by the bowyer's rasp as it forms a shapless block of wood? Does a selfbow have "more" soul than an ILF riser? Ponder these and the other great mysteries of life as you take this beautiful riser into the field of endless bullseyes.