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Give us a call 877-843-5559

KME CBN Emulsion

by KME
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The 4 micron CBN emulsion used in conjunction with one of the Kangaroo leather strops is quite possibly the single most impressive sharpening accessory we’ve ever used, and every single person who’s tried it agrees.

One kangaroo strop and one bottle of 4 micron CBN emulsion are “must have” items for all of us here @RMSGear!

*You will need a different strop for each grit of emulsion compound.*

4 Micron = 4,000 grit

1.5 Micron = 13,000 grit

.5 Micron = 60,000 grit

.1 Micron = 160,000 grit

Note: Always strop straight away from the cutting edge! Any movement that is into the edge will instantly result in the blade cutting into the strop.