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Grakksaw Skull Hangers

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The Rakk Elk Skull Hanger

The Rakk: A unique elk skull hanger that is designed, fabricated, powder coated, and shipped right here in the USA!

Fast hanging. Secure mounting. Adjustable head angle. Won't damage your wall.

We built over 20 different elk skull hangers and finally discovered an out-of-the-box solution to common problems for elk.

1. This hanger has three contact points on the elk skull. One point behind each eye (occipital bone), and the third along the roof of its mouth. The three points lock the skull in place for a supremely secure, yet easily removable mount.

2. Our hanger eliminates the elk skull from touching the wall at any point. No more gouged drywall and chipped paint. The rearmost tines also won't touch, (Unless you have a giant 7x7 monster that you shouldn't skull mount anyway!)

3. This mount is adjustable. It fits raghorns to big bulls. Simply take out the carriage bolts, slide the steel plate out or in a notch, and drop the carriage bolt back in. 90% of bulls won't need any adjustment, but you can tweak it to get the best viewing angle possible. The top plate and bottom plate are each keyed differently so that the carriage bolt drops into them and cannot rotate while you tighten the nut down.

4. Fast and Easy. No string and voodoo required to hang your skull. Simply drill the two included washer head screws into the wall and you are ready to go for 90% of bulls.

These mounts come with two wingnuts and two low-profile nuts so that you can either hand tighten them easily, or use a socket to tighten them and have them low-profile.

The Rakk includes: (2) washer head screws for mounting to wall. (2) carriage bolts, (2) hex nuts, and (2) wing nuts for plate adjustment. The bolts and nuts will be matte black to match The Rakk.

The Claw Deer Skull Hanger

Comes in a pack of (3)

A simple product, diligently refined into the best deer skull hanger out there.

Claw design: Three prongs eliminate all heads from rotating. They can be busted racks, misshapen, or truly gigantic and still position perfectly on this skull hanger.

Hidden from view: This hanger is small and discrete, indexing into your skull with ease.

USA MADE: Like everything we sell, we produce it here.