Galaxy Silver Star Glass Foam ILF Limbs -

Galaxy Silver Star Glass Foam ILF Limbs -

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Galaxy Silver Star Limbs!

A Glass/Foam Performance ILF Limb at an unbeatable price! 

If you are new to traditional archery and want to get a lightweight inexpensive limb to build your form and technique before you step into your final hunting weight limbs, without sacrificing performance, look no further!

These are a high quality fiberglass limb with lightweight foam core, which will give you the performance and fast recovery of limbs costing more than twice the price. The Silver Star fits  any ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix riser.


  • Affordable, tournament quality performance

  • Korean sourced fiberglass with foam core for speed & light weight

  • Standard ILF limb fitting fit ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix risers

  • Available lengths: 66” 68” 70”

  • Available weights: 16-40 lbs. in 2# increments