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Give us a call 877-843-5559

Cutthroat Broadhead Sharpening - Per Pack

Original price $12.00 - Original price $12.00
Original price
$12.00 - $12.00
Current price $12.00

Please select this product if you would like your Cutthroat Broadheads to be sharpened. For multiple packs please increase the quantity. 

Unsharpened Cutthroats will ship with a burr established. An experienced knife/broadhead sharpener will have no problem sharpening Cutthroat Broadheads right out of the package. Jump right to your fine stones and knock that burr off and your broadheads will be ready to hunt.

Inexperienced sharpeners will also find Cutthroats to be easy to sharpen out of the package. It will also be valuable practice - since the burr is visiable and you can feel it, an inexperienced sharpener will be able to watch that burr slowly dissapear as the broadhead is ran over a fine stone, polishing wheel, or any other finishing method the sharpener chooses.