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Give us a call 877-843-5559

Solid Archery Mechanics


Comprehensive instructional course created specifically for the traditional archer.

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8 + Hours of In-Depth Content

 This is hands down the most comprehensive and complete traditional archery training course produced to date. From the first module, you will learn critical archery fundamentals that you can apply to your shot to see immediate results. For those who are seeking a reliable and repeatable and dependable shot process, there's simply no rival!

Complete Shot Mechanics Training

 Join Tom as he instructs you through all of the physics and mechanics of executing your shot process. This is not your typical textbook course. Members will appreciate Tom's ability to break down each component of the shot into easy to understand terms and concepts that you can remember and apply.

 Continuous Updates & New Content

 SOLID Archery Mechanics is a living and breathing instructional course. Members will enjoy a continuous upload of fresh new modules containing additional content and archery advice.

Embedded Q&A Forums

 There is an open forum within each module in the SOLID Archery Mechanics instructional course. This is a semi-live discussion directly with Tom and other students intended to go deep into the subject being discussed within the module. This forum discussion is viewable by all members and everyone can participate!

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