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Give us a call 877-843-5559
Give us a call 877-843-5559

Shooting Lessons

All of our formal shooting lessons are scheduled. Please call in advance to set a time and date. If you are a new archer then you can drop in anytime for a free introductory lesson into traditional archery (see below for more details).

Archery Lessons:

We charge $50 for an instructor, plus $7 per shooter (up to 4 shooters at a time). All of our instructors are at least certified Level 2 USA Archery instructors with a minimum of 20 years shooting experience each. We teach based off of USA Archery's NTS system, with maybe a few small changes to accommodate instinctive shooting for bowhunters or target archers who do not want to use sights.

We have found this system to be incredibly valuable for not just target shooters, but bowhunters as well. We have catered our lessons specifically to whatever you are trying to get out of the sport, compound shooters, traditional shooters, target archers and bowhunters, we will meet you where you're at.

Brand New Archers:

We want folks who are just getting into archery to enjoy the sport and stick with it for the long term. Hitting what you are aiming at is fun! And when you can hit what you want you'll stick with the sport longer. So we provide a free introductory lesson to every new archer that walks in our door. This introductory lesson is also part of the process in helping customers select a bow that is a correct fit for them. We do not hold back any information in this introductory lesson. We make sure to get you in proper archery form (whether you want to be a bowhunter or just a target shooter), teach you the proper motions, and answer any questions that you have.

We try hard to make sure that every new archer who leaves our store is equipped with proper archery knowledge and confidence that they have a set up that is correct for them. We try to go above and beyond, and give you personal attention, so that you get into this sport with a chance to get good and ultimately have more fun with archery.