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Give us a call 877-843-5559
Give us a call 877-843-5559

Sharpening Services

We offer professional sharpening for pretty much whatever you would like to have an edge on. Turnaround times vary depending upon the time of the year and the volume of knives we have to sharpen. Typically you're knives will be done within one day.

Sharpening Costs:

• Kitchen Knives - $2.00 minimum or $0.50 per inch
• Pocket Knives - $3.00 minimum or $1.00 per inch
• Broken Tip repairs - $5.00 + sharpening
• Axes/Hatchets - Typically between $5.00 - $12.00 depending on size and condition, cost will be determined upon inspection
Due to overwhelming demand we no longer accept broadheads (other than Cutthroats) to sharpen
• Anything else??? Call or stop by for a quote.


Mail Order:

Don't live close by? Not a problem! Drop your knives or broadheads in the mail with your contact information. We will call you when they arrive to collect payment info and get a return shipping address. Mail order knife sharpening is a priority and we do everything in our power to get them back into the mail within a day of when we receive them.