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We offer a full compound pro shop for all of your needs. Rates as follows (these are general rates, some problems require more or less time and rates will be adjusted):

Bow Tune: $35.00
Expedited 24 hour tune: $150.00
Bow Set-Up & Tune (without purchase): $50.00
2nd & 3rd Axis Set-Up (without purchase): $15.00
Dry Fire Rebuild: $50.00
Adjust Draw Weight: $5.00

Sight-In Bow: $10.00/hr
Paper Tune: $50.00
Broadhead Tune: $75.00

Install Sight: $10.00
Install Rest: $20.00

Replace Center Serving: $30.00
Rotate peep: $15.00

Arrow Repair: $1.00
Strip and Refletch: $5.00
Fletch Arrow: $1.00/vane

Please feel free to shoot us a message if you have any questions: