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Phelps Elk Diaphragm

by Phelps
Original price $7.99 - Original price $8.99
Original price $7.99
$9.99 - $10.99
Current price $9.99
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Elk Commander: Single Reed. This call will do it all from accurate cow sounds to very good bugles. VERY EASY TO USE!

The Dragon Slayer by Phelps Game Calls will give you the Growl and Rasp that you are looking for. Thanks to it's unique reed style, the Dragon Slayer makes it simple to produce loud and realistic grunts, chuckles, and challenges and will even finish your normal cow call with a rasp. Growl, Rasp and call those bulls in with the Dragon Slayer. Medium Sized frame only.

Herd Wrecker: If your looking for a heavier style double reed, that breaks over like a single reed, the Herd Wrecker Diaphragm is the one for you. The Herd Wrecker is sure to give you both the volume that you need, and the control that you want. This call can reach high volumes with little to no effort, which will enable you to call longer.

Signature Cow: Single Reed. This call was specifically designed to easily produce great cow sounds. Turns out it also has just enough backbone to bugle with if needed.

Signature Bull: When the bulls start rolling in there is one call that you can always rely on, the Signature Bull form Phelps Game Calls. This bull elk call is the cats meow and can give you a variety of sounds that want and need to get them coming in. No matter if your a novice or an expert you will be producing loud bugles or soft cow calls in no time.

Monster: 1.5 reed with ghost cut. Stretched tight to produce big loud bull sounds and higher pitched cow sounds.

Beast: The Phelps Game Calls Beast Diaphragm is an all around, go to call. No matter if your trying to get some mellow cow calls, or an explosive bull scream, the Beast will give you the sound you need to get the job done. The Beast features a 1.5 v-notched style reed which makes it easy to use.

Tag Notcher: The Tag-Notcher Diaphragm by Phelps Game Calls was designed specifically for those types of callers who like to "lay into" their diaphragms without having to worry about locking up the latex. The Tag-Notcher features triple layered latex, and is great for making a wide range of calls. Like the name implies, this call will help you Notch your Tags this coming hunting season. Medium Frame.

Pleading Hotty: This call is a 7/8 racked single latex reed. It excels in making pleading, whiny estrus calls that the bulls love to hear.