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Avian X Feeder Turkey

by Zink
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The Avian-X LCD turkey decoys are not only designed to mimic the anatomy and true- to- life detail of a live turkey, they also incorporate the posture, attitude and expression that a real bird possesses when communicating with other turkeys with body language. Our TEAM has spent countless hours studying live birds to create the most effective decoy ever made. Our LCD decoys are completely collapsible with an advanced Dura- Rubber material making them easy to pack into the spring woods. Decoy comes with a carry bag and folding motion stake that creates life-like motion in the slightest breeze. LCD 

– Feeder – 

The low-head Feeder is a very relaxed position. Many times, mid to late season, you will see a lone hen feeding in a field or open hard woods with a strutter 5-10 yards behind her, waiting for his chance at courtship. Feeder LCD hen is very effective when used with the LCD Jake or Strutter in tow. 

  • Ultra Realistic 
  • Low-Head, Feeding
  • Complete contentment. Body posture, feather position and wing placement 
  • No-Flake Paint 
  • Collapsible Dura-Rubber Body
  • O.D. Drawstring Carry Bag 
  • Folding Motion Stake