Kassai - 40@30 - KA40VD

Kassai - 40@30 - KA40VD

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USED - Right or left handed horsebow.  Good condition. 

Deflex Reflex Bows:
Panther & Mongol - C

Deflex reflex bows, are bows who when unstrung the limbs, at rest, are way in front of the handle. The limbs form a C shape leaning forward. So when the bow is strung the limbs have to be bent a lot further to reach the strung position behind the handle. This loads a lot of energy into the limbs such that even the first inch of draw is loading the bow with energy ready to be delivered to the arrow upon release. The balance required to move the limbs from in front of - to behind- the handle without the handle twisting in your hand is challenging. Even with the limb being much wider than most bows at 2.25 inches. A bow stringer is necessary and for the first 4 times a helpful assistant. A third hand is really useful.

Example: A Mongol-C that measures 46# at 30 inches measures 32# at 20 inches and 42# at 28 inches, and 49# at 32 inches. The extra tension through the power stroke delivers more velocity to your arrows. One of my dealers had not shot a bow for a decade as his carpal tunnel damaged wrists would not allow him to draw more than 35#. At 35# all the models of bows he had owned were too slow to deliver the fun he had always had from archery.

He told me that after hearing me talk up this bow to his customers for a year, he decided to just see what it could do. So he strung up a 35# Panther and took a shot at his backyard target. The arrow flew far flatter than his aim, sailed over the target and punched through his shed a fair distance further away. With this bow even his weakened wrists could deliver the velocity he wanted, and he enjoyed several more years of archery before his passing.