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AMS Blank Fishing Shafts

AMS Blank Fishing Shafts

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As the #1 brand in bowfishing, AMS is committed to providing the absolute straightest, most consistent shooting arrow shafts available. We inspect every shaft we sell!

Three shaft models to choose from. 100% made in the USA

Every arrow shaft is inspected for straightness and weight for arrow-to-arrow consistency (all three arrow shaft models)

AMS fiberglass shafts are glossy smooth, super-straight and ultra-durable! You’ll find that they are the straightest, best quality shafts on the market! Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and only the straightest shafts are used! Each shaft is 5/16” in diameter and 32” long. These fiberglass shafts are then put through an infusion process that actually infuses a color pattern directly into the fiberglass fibers. The infusion process creates a creative, trend setting pattern to our bowfishing arrows and is super durable and will not rub or wear off. Available in green koi pattern, blue koi pattern or orange scale pattern.Arrow Shafts by AMS Bowfishing® are manufactured to accept the patented AMS Safety Slide® System (US Patent 6,517,453). This system, if used properly, ensures that your line will remain out in front of the arrow rest and away from the bowstring on the shot. Just tie your line to the slide, nock the arrow with the shock pad on top while keeping the slide in front of your arrow rest.