Jo-Jan Mono Fletcher

The Jo-Jan is an excellent fletcher and won't set you back quite as bad as others. Made from aluminum, this jig can do 3 or 4 fletched arrows.
  • All Mono-Fletchers are constructed of strong aluminum, giving the durability to last you a lifetime 
  • All Mono-Fletchers frames, nock receivers and clamps excluded, are built exactly the same, allowing flexibility in purchasing other clamps and/or nock receivers for your jig 
  • Easy setup 
  • Accuracy is important to every archer, from beginner to advanced shooters, and with our jigs, accuracy is made simple 
  • All jigs come completely assembled, except for two legs which hold jig up, making putting our jig together extremely simple

  • Select either a right helical, or left helical clamp.
Price: $39.95
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Jo-Jan Mono Fletcher
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Jo-Jan Mono Fletcher

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