Shooting Star Deluxe Strung Hunter

SKU: 413001
The innovative Deluxe Strung Hunter Case, with full padding! This is the best protection for your strung Recurve or Longbow with a quiver attached available. 

The difference between the Deluxe Strung Hunter and the regular Strung Hunter, is that the Deluxe comes with padding that the regular model does not have.

Fits 64" and shorter bows. Please call for a longer model.

Comes in black or green. 
  • Convenient half zipper so you can leave your quiver on your bow
  • Riser straps 
  • Adjustable quiver flap 
  • Extra large arrow box pocket
  • Meets case-carry standards while still providing easy access to your bow
Price: $75.95
  • Color:
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