Woodchuck Power Taper Tool

SKU: 217210
This grinder allows for fast, accurate tapering of wood arrows on both point and nock ends. It has built in arrow shaft guide designed to accomodate any size shaft.  The Woodchuck is easy to use and offers you total control of your depth of tapers. The user-friendly design with the heavy-duty 5000 rpm, 115 volt motor quickly gives you the power and control you need for accurate tapers every time.

The Woodchuck power taper tool is a must for anyone serious about making wood arrows. 
  • Precise alignment grooves 
  • Solid cast aluminum base
  • Fast & accurate tapering 
  • 11 degree nock taper and the 
  • 5 degree point taper  
Price: $173.95
Availability: Typically ships within 7 days
Woodchuck Power Taper Tool
Woodchuck Power Taper Tool
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